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The Al Durah Case - Further Evidence


IDF soldier at Netzarim talks about Pallywood

One of Charles Enderlin's claims is that if the Palestinians had been staging stuff right in front of the Israelis they would have said something.  Here's an interview with a soldier stationed at Netzarim junction the fateful day, who observed a typical Pallywood scene. From Schapira's second movie.

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Facial Expert declares boy in hospital not Muhammad al Durah

Schapira hired a facial recognition expert to analyze the face of Muhammad al Durah from family pictures and compare them with the boy in the hospital whom Dr. Tawil reported came in in the morning.  His conclusion: the boy in the hospital who was buried as Muhammad al Durah is not the boy in the family photos.

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Schapira interviews Charles Enderlin

Schapira interviewed Enderlin both in court and in his office. This is a compendium of the interviews she used in her second documentary.  For an analysis of these interviews, see "What is your problem with that? - Enderlin and the Intellectual Corruption of the MSNM."

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When did "Muhammad al Durah" arrive in the hospital

In one of Nahum Shahaf's early interviews, Doctor Tawil at Shiffa Hospital in Gaza City claimed they had received the boy in the morning, when Enderlin reported the shoot-out that killed Muhammad starting at 3:00 PM ("Quinze heures, tout vient de basculer..."). Schapira speaks with the doctor who not only remembers the boy coming in in the morning, but coming with an ambulance driver shot in the chest, and not with his father, when all accounts say the father and son were evacuated together.

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Schapira interviews French Ballistics Expert

In order to confirm the findings of the unofficial Israeli Army investigation (Shahaf/Samia), Karsenty asked a prominent French ballistic expert with 20 years of experience testifying in French courts, to conduct his own investigation. The court accepted his report, although they did not hear his evidence. Schapira interviews him here.

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Enderlin’s original broadcast with controversial “target of fire from the Israeli position.” Begins with jeep scene (see opening scene of Pallywood movie), presents the boy in take #4 as dead, reports claims of dead ambulance driver as fact.

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PATV Redone sequence

By third day, PATV had experimented with inserting an Israeli shooter into the sequence. They eventually went with this one of Israeli firing rubber bullet in Nazereth two days later in riots provoked by image of al Durah.

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PATV official on inserting pictures

PATV official explains how he felt justified inserting pictures into the footage so that it looked like an Israeli soldier had deliberately targeted the boy, the core of the "blood libel" of murdering a defenseless child: "It's an artistic way to tell the truth..."

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BBC with talal

BBC did a program on the breakout of the hostilities that featured al Durah’s death. This interview with Talal presents his claims without any questioning, such as: “Why, if they bled for 20 minutes, did he not get that on tape?” and "Where's the blood?"

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NPR with Talal

This radio interview with Talal conducted by Jacki Lyden on the morrow (10-1-00) exemplifies the lack of hard questioning, the leading questions, praise for Talal’s professional standing, invitations to tell his tale unchallenged.

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Shapira Talal on the shooting

Talal repeats claims about the shooting -- long and heavy. Note that, rather than name the Israelis, he makes directional gestures in an effort to get the interviewer to name them.

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Shapira Talal lying about the bullets

Interview segment with Talal by Esther Schapira in Perpignan where Talal claims to have filmed and collected the bullets. In perhaps the only persistent questioning on record with Talal, she gently catches him in an impossible claim, at which point he smiles and says, "We have our secrets..."

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Israeli TV interview with Talal

Interview with Israeli journalist. Talal begins aggressively, “blaming whoever was opposite the boy” and then gets the Israeli interviewer to name the Israelis as the culprits. At that point, he responds triumphantly: “Now you’re talking right…”

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Interview with Jamal

Israeli TV interviewed Jamal at length in the hospital. Of course such a setting allowed no possibility for skeptical questioning.  Subsequent research has revealed that Jamal's scars came from a Hamas hatchet attack in 1993, for which he was treated in an Israeli hospital by Dr. Yehudah David.

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TV interview Enderlin

An interview on Israeli TV in Hebrew in which Enderlin tries to respond to the accusations that arose over the years.  Enderlin evades any claim that he accused Israel of killing the boy, and insists that he has complete faith in Talal.

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Talal's sworn statement

Talal abu Rahmeh made a sworn statement to the PCHR two days later in which he claimed to have shot 27 minutes of Israeli shooting, and that the Israelis killed the boy "in cold blood." Rumors circulate that he has since withdrawn the statement, claiming duress at the time, but no official statement to that effect has been made public. When the France2 tapes were made public at the trial in Paris, it turned out Talal had only shot a minute of the al Durah sequence.

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Schapira interviews General

 Esther Schapira interviews the Palestinian General in charge of the Al Durah investigation, only to find out he didn't do an investigation because they already knew who had killed the boy. So, no bullets, no autopsy, no evidence collection. This interview permitted Schapira to catch Talal in his lie about having the bullets.

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Schapira interviews Doctor


Schapira interviews one of the doctors at Shiffa Hospital who claims to have treated al Durah. The pictures he shows of the boy have been analyzed by Schapira in her latest movie and found not to correspond to pictures of al Durah.

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Enderlin threatens to sue

Schapira interviews Enderlin who claims there was "no manipulation" and threatens to sue anyone who makes such a claim.  He did, in fact, convince France2 to sue several people, and the outcome was far from favorable to his position.

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