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BBC Dateline on Al Jazeera Leaks, 29.01.11

Dateline speaks with Middle East Experts and for once in a rare time, has someone to present the Israeli side. Abdel Bari Atwan from al Quds al Arabiya (a regular on the show), presents the Israelis as the intransigent ones; Polly Toynbee from the Guardian does the same. Jonathan Sacerdoti of the Zionist Federation of UK points out the flaws in their 'narratives' and elicits a remarkable outburst of hardline ideology from Atwan. The commentator's mask dropped in the face of challenge, and the propagandist revealed.




Note also Toynbee's pious concern about Hamas being strengthened by these revelations which anyone who wants peace finds alarming, when she and Atwan are presenting the version that strengthens Hamas. 



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