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Value Judgments

The degree to which journalists engage in “value judgments”, knowingly and unknowingly has a great impact on the product. The problem for journalists in dealing with other cultures has to do with how much of his or her own culture’s values carry over into viewing the other culture. On the one hand, modern journalists in principle adhere to strict principles of fairness, “objectivity,” honesty, balance; on the other, they may be dealing with cultures that do not share such values in any way, and with informants who may provide information that intentionally misleads their journalistic interlocutors. Western culture, especially at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries, has adopted as a high value, empathy with others and the suspension of potentially intrusive and culture-specific values on the “other.” How both the journalists and their readers become aware of the impact of an often submerged discourse of values and “value-free” commitments has an impact of news reporting, becomes a major concern of our new century.








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