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We are only a website with some unusually revealing and important video footage we think many people need to see.

Because those of us working on the opening dossier at this site are primarily American, French and Israeli Jews, that constitutes the initial core inspired to put up this website and to manage the material that comes in about Pallywood.

But because we feel that the Israelis are not alone in suffering from this particular debacle, we hope that Palestinians and other Arabs, as well as fair-minded and sincerely concerned outsiders will join us in trying to sort out the widespread damage these continuing media errors cause to all involved. And because we feel the loneliness of trying to draw the larger public’s attention to media malfeasance, we hope to draw other groups with similar problems to consider our website a place to air their concerns as well.

We believe in the dignity of difference, and that we therefore need to listen carefully to others. We do not think people should ignore what we have to say because we are Jewish or Israeli or defending Israel or Zionism. Everyone should listen, critically, to each others’ narratives, and judge the evidence not on the basis of some prejudice (whichever side one may sympathize with), but on the basis of fair and impartial assessment of the evidence.

This is one place where we hope this can happen. Our future as a peaceful planet depends on it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is a Professor in the History Department at Boston University. He was trained as a medievalist and wrote his first book on a series of forgeries that had fooled historians for centuries, even after a scholar in the 1920s had shown decisively that the texts were fiction. In addition to working on medieval peace movements and the relations between elites and commoners in 11th century France, he focuses on millennial and apocalyptic movements. In addition to courses on medieval history, he offers courses in "Communications Revolutions from Language to Cyberspace", "Europe and the Millennium," and "Honor-Shame Cultures, Middle Ages, Modern World." He is completing a book entitled Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience. It was as part of his research on this subject that he came upon the Pallywood tapes.









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